Can We Make No-Code Mainstream?

March 29, 2022

As many of you might not know, we are building some amazing tools for Ops over at Switchboard. Our error monitoring and incident response platform is first out, and more will come! .Tomorrow, we are heading for SXSW for some insane meeting and opportunities. Are you going?

PS. Today is National No-Code Day! How are you gonna celebrate?

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Never Build an API Again.

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Let's Make No-code Mainstream!

As we are right in the middle, it might not seem like it. But the concept of no-code is still unknown to most people on this planet. If no-code is to go mainstream, we need more processes and resources to onboard and educate companies. No-code is still connected to many fears and stigmas, preventing it from going big.

Here's how you can help propel no-code into the obvious first choice for companies of all sizes:

Present it as a supplement, not alternative

Devs and others still take a lot of pride in building something from scratch. Some are afraid it might be perceived as "cheating" when using no-code tools.

But when no-code tools are used strategically, it can drastically help developers work more efficiently and produce more. Quickly building a prototype in a no-code tool would be a massive help before coding the actual app. All ops have things they rather had someone else be doing. Present them to Ms. No Code and have her do it for them!

Don't call it "no-code"

I know. I love no-code so much I'd wear it on my clothes. But for those not in our no-code cult... I mean "community," it is hard to understand the possibilities just by hearing the world.

Describe it using words that have a positive meaning to the people you are talking to:

  • "Here're a few time-saving tools for..."
  • "These automation tools will..."
  • "Using X would save us a lot of money each month..."

Start asking your team and colleagues, "what daily tasks would you love never to have to do again?"

Narrow down the no-code universe

No-code boomed in 2020, and it doesn't seem to be stopping anytime soon. With more tools and apps popping up every day, it's getting increasingly complex for people not in our bubble to wrap their heads around it.

Choose one small part piece of the no-code pie and preach that. Don't force-feed people automation tools, website builders, and design apps. Choose one niche and educate your team on that. When they get that - and all the positive parts about it - they're more likely to welcome other types of no-code tools.

Learn about internet security and privacy - and teach it

Storing and accessing sensitive customer data is a huge question for all companies. Many are afraid their data won't be secure enough to live up to laws and regulations when it comes to no-code tools. Keep yourself updated about the current privacy laws and how different no-code tools maintain that security. You can put the stakeholders at your company at ease by doing this.

You know it. We know it. Let's work together and make everyone understand how No-code can help all kinds of companies!

Five Steps to Transition to No-Code Security Automation

Security operators are standing in the way of phishing attacks, malicious login, and many other digital security threats today. But, as in most other departments, no-code can be there to help.

No-Code Job Spotlight

No Code Ops Expert Council Remote

We (No Code Ops) are looking for experts in over 20 different fields, to join our Expert Council (paid position). Research, Support, Sales, Community, Legal and most other Ops are welcome. If you enjoy teaching others, and like creating educational content around what you know - this is for you!

Read more and apply here!

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