9 Tools for Fewer Financial Headaches

March 29, 2022

Because of the recent events in the world, many people and organizations are offering their help. The no-code world is in on it too, as this tweet from Andrew proves. No contribution is too small, jump in if you can!

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Build the perfect task management system

Flowdash is a flexible work management platform for operations teams. Instead of working out of tools not designed for scale (e.g. spreadsheets), or building custom internal tools, companies can leverage Flowdash to build complex business workflow

It is great for

Fast-growing companies with lots of manual processes behind the scenes to serve their customers.

Top Stress-reducing Tools for Finance Ops in 2022

The world of finance is getting more and more complicated - "thanks to" increasing security threats and the digital payment boom (i.e., the lives of Financial Operators won't be getting any easier any time soon). It is time to do everything you can to make your workday as automated and streamlined as possible.

Here's our list of tools to help you keep the stress levels down:

Tracking & Invoicing

Liveflow - A Zapier for accountants! Connect your bank accounts, accounting software, and payment solutions to a Google Spreadsheet.

NettTracker - Completely automate tracking of your fixed assets. Invite unlimited users, and assign roles.

Unqork - Build No-code enterprise-grade software for financial institutions (and others).

Versapay - Streamline and automate your invoicing processes - automated Accounts Receivable!

Expenses & Taxes

Procurify - Scalable expense platform with workflows, real-time data, and in-platform communication.

TaxJar - Remote-first, AI-powered sales tax solution. Integrates with most major sales platforms.

Security & Teams

Zoho Vault - A password manager for teams. Designed for ease of use, even if your team is not tech-savvy.

HelloSign - Digital signatures solution with templates and team management.

Rippling - Manage employees' payrolls, benefits, and more in one app. Integrate with your bank and accounting software - as well as travel agencies and expense management platforms.

Did we miss a must-have? Reply to the email and let us know!

Automate with Airtable

Want a COMPLETE rundown of what you can do with Airtable? Join us next week when Courtney Baker is showing real-life examples and user cases - from beginner to advanced!

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The Future of No-Code and Low-Code Tools in Financial Markets

The world of finance is getting more and more complicated - "thanks to" increasing security threats and the digital payment boom. A one-size-fits-all solution won't cut it. Can no-code be the hero that saves the day?

No-Code Job Spotlight

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Content and Community Manager

San Fransisco, US

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