4 Ways to Automate Your Data Collection

March 29, 2022

Yesterday, the automation platform Integromat announced they are rebranding as Make. This is not simply a change of name and design. The main reason for the rebrand is to appeal to a larger, non-tech audience. It is a huge step towards making no-code mainstream.

One Dashboard to Rule Them All

Grist gives spreadsheet creators superpowers to organize their data. During last week's workshop, Anais from Grist transformed a spreadsheet into a productive layout to streamline a team's workflow. Income and expense have never been this cool before!

Automating Your Data Collection

Data. It is the difference between success and failure for almost any initiative. It helps you know what worked and how to do better the next time. Sales, marketing, HR - they all use the data to make the right decisions. But gathering it can be highly time-consuming. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to automate your data collection.

Here are four ways to improve your data and cut costs:

No-code form builders such as JotForm, Typeform, and Google Forms are superheroes when it comes to data gathering. Instead of time after time asking the same questions during onboarding calls or via emails - create forms for every occasion and publish them on separate pages on your website.

This way, they are easily accessible for everyone on your team - and you can quickly push the information from each submission to the right department.

Newsletter & email campaigns

Your mailing list is not only one of the best channels to market your product. It is also a great way to learn more about your leads!

A rule thumb is to not ask for anything more than the bare essentials until someone is signed up. The more information you ask for, the higher the risk they won't sign up at all - email and first name are usually enough.

After that, though, you have plenty of opportunities to segment your mailing list. One example is the welcome email (sent as soon as someone signs up), which has a huge open rate. Use this to ask questions by offering links to click or redirect them to a poll.


You might love them or hate them, but chatbots can save your sales department a lot of time. They are a great way to quickly help potential customers - at the same time as you are learning more about them.

A chatbot can quickly point leads toward several data entry mechanisms, such as forms, lead magnet downloads, or your scheduling software.

Scheduling software

Can your leads sign up for a demo? A free discovery call? Don't sleep on the opportunity to get to know your customers even before they are customers. Apps like Acuity, Calendly, and Meetingbird let you add questions in addition to the contact information. Use this wisely. Don't ask for too much information. This might lead to people leaving before scheduling at all.

Think about the next few steps - what do you need to know to put them on the right track of your sales funnel?

Do you want to know more about gathering essential information from different sources - into one place? Join our free webinar tomorrow!

Connecting Data Sources to Automate Your Sales, Marketing & Recruiting Workflows

Tomorrow's workshop with Clay will cover:
  • Recruiting - build live lists of the candidates.
  • Marketing - find all the information you need from your inbound leads.
  • Sales - build your ideal list of prospects.
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Wait, Isn't Every Day No-Code Day?

Zapier is making it official; March 11 is from now on National No-code Day! To celebrate this, they are launching a contest with a massive price pool. Share how you've used no-code to solve a business problem, and you can win $25000.

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