The Ultimate No-Code Stack for Marketing Operators

March 29, 2022

Each department in a company has its own no-code tool stack. In future newsletters, we'll go through all of them to give you a great starting point.

Today, we start with something for the marketing ops:

Websites and Apps

Carrd - Minimalistic, 5-min landing pages.

Pory - create a web app from your Airtable or Google Sheets.

Webflow - Build extremely powerful and complex websites.

Content Creation and Hypefury - create and schedule tweets and threads.

CopyAI - Generate all kinds of copy/content with AI.

Canva - create beautiful images, headers and videos fast.

Lanva - Turn your webinars and Youtube videos into dozens of shorter social videos.

Missinglettr - Make your blog posts into social media drip campaigns.

Lead generation - Create quizzes, calculators, and tests.

Paperform - beautiful online forms, payment, and product pages.

Outgrow - Create interactive content to get qualified leads.

Email marketing

Mailerlite - Our preferred newsletter provider, integrates with most systems.

Revsync - Connect almost any newsletter service to your Twitter profile.

Good Copy - Inspirational list of email copy examples from large tech companies.

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