The Best No-Code Tool Stack for Remote Operators

March 29, 2022

2020 was the year when remote work went from “that doesn’t work” to “well, I guess we’ll all have to make it work”, for obvious reasons. Even though we might see the light in the covid tunnel, a lot of companies will stay more or less remote.

Here are our favorite no-code tools for remote operators:

Project management

Monday - Visualize projects on a timeline.
- An all-in-one tool for remote teams.
- Combining team efficiency with team wellbeing.
- Simple, but very versatile Kanban board tool.

Documentation and Collaboration

Dropbox - Share and store design projects, videos, and other large files.
Beautiful - Create stunning, on-brand presentations.
Zeplin - Publish designs from Figma, Adobe XD and other apps, and work with the whole team.
Slab - Build a knowledge hub, employee handbook, or company wiki.

Team Work

Karmabot - Slack bot to build stronger and happier teams.
Hypercontext - Make your meetings more efficient, with shared agendas and notes.
Butter - Run team brainstorms, planning sessions, and super-creative meetings.
Focusmate - Schedule work sessions and keep each other accountable. - Keep track of your team members' timezones.

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