The No-Code Stack for Sales Operators

March 29, 2022

One missed follow-up can mean thousands of dollars lost. The more you can automate, the more efficient you will be.

Here's our list of potential add-ons to your Sales no-code stack:

Spreadsheets & Databases

Clay - An Airtable alternative where you can build automations on top of it.

Actiondesk - View all your data in a spreadsheet. Connect your CRM and analyze/filter the data.

Lead generation & Response

Hunter - Find professional email addresses of individuals in any company. Just enter the domain and Hunter will search for you.

Callingly - Automatically call new leads and connect them to a sales agent, within seconds.

Landbot - Create a smart chatbot with drag-and-drop. Automate entire conversations in a visual interface.

Reply - Find leads on Linkedin. Combine emails, calls, LinkedIn, SMS, and WhatsApp messages into one communications flow.

Zendesk Sell - Chat service with native dialer for your website. Keep track of your conversations and activities.

Calendars & Meetings

Calendly - Let people book meetings with you. Connects with your calendar, and with Zoom.

Whereby - Simple and clean video meeting app.

GetAccept - Send contracts and documents with e-signatures. Attach personalized video messages.

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