Read 8 Experts' No-Code Predictions for 2022

March 29, 2022

One of the latest additions to our private community is the expert council. A group of professionals with expertise in automation, onboarding, internal operations as well as specific tools.

We asked them how will no-code change the way operations professionals work in 2022:

"[No-code will] Save us time doing manual processes and allow for deeper more meaningful work. The 4-day workweek will be built on no-code solutions."

Yael McCue
Product Manager, Guru

"No-code breaks the barriers to entry for women-in-tech!"

Sisa Lleses
Founder, Design Off The Boat

"More and more we will focus on real creativity. Gone are the days of the button pushers. It'll be about people who create real value by removing that which a monkey could do and weaving in the appropriate amount of human intervention."

Will Christensen
Co-Founder, DataAutomation

"With the increase of simplified approaches that no-code has brought to operations professionals over the years, I think this year, with more educational resources and communities to support the growth of ops roles, it’ll be easier for operations professionals to overcome work challenges they face."

Nur Shafiqah "Shaf" Shahirah
Community Manager, NCO

"It will allow people to be more creative and efficient with their time."

Courtney Baker
Principal, Sprocket One

"The no-code movement and tools/apps are going to allow more businesses to get from idea to startup quicker and make life easier and more efficient. It also creates a community like the open-source community in the code world, which allows for collaboration and learning from the community individuals."

Nick Janes
Site Reliability Engineer, Cisco

"It will automate a lot of annoying work and speed up MVPs & internal tools."

Michael Greenberg
Digital Operations Expert

"No-code tools are making it easier than ever before to automate processes and create efficient systems. Operations professionals have the ability to literally “give back time” and allow their people to focus on what matters most."

Joseph Abraham
Innovation, Truepoint Wealth Counsel and Commas

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