4 Ways HR Can Use No-Code to Double Their Efficiency

March 29, 2022
2022 is around the corner, and as long as the current pandemic development isn't taking a turn for the worse, companies will have to pump up their recruitment efforts.

HR departments all around the world will have a lot to do. Here's how you can help them with no-code tools:

Recruiting process

Use a tool like Airtable to save information from applicants directly into an easily manageable and scalable platform.

You'll be able to sort applicants by certain properties and create a visual overview. By using Zapier or Integromat, the right stakeholders can be pinged whenever they need to contribute.


Onboarding a new employee is usually a tedious task, including emails back-and-forth, tons of documents, involvement of different departments, and so on.

Create a checklist or Kanban board in your project management system (Trello, Basecamp, Monday). Each step contains a video, created with Loom - together with all the needed documents. The person to reach out to if any problems occur is tagged.

Performance reviews

Connecting a scheduling tool (Calendly, Acuity, etc) to your work calendars (and syncing it both ways) is a no-brainer. It completely removes the back-and-forth before a 1-on-1 review.

Doing it remotely? Don't forget to automatically create a Zoom link when someone book!

Create quiz-like forms with Involve.me or Typeform to gather feedback from multiple employees.

Implementing new workflows/policies

New policies are only successful if everyone is aware of them, and understand exactly what they mean. By using a tool like Tango you can create step-by-step documentation, showing the workflow from start to finish.

Notion can be used as a checklist on steroids, where each step on the list can be a separate page, with all the videos, images, and resources contained inside.

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